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General Compliance & Accounting Solutions, SC (GCAS) states that the personal information it collects has the sole purpose of providing the consumer with the services or products it markets and for identification purposes, respecting at all times the provisions of the Federal Protection Law. of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, therefore by making use of this site you expressly grant General Compliance & Accounting Solutions, SC (GCAS), express consent for the processing of your personal data in terms of the aforementioned law. For any questions or clarification regarding your personal data, contact the email: contacto@gcas.com.mx


Responsible entity: General Compliance & Accounting Solutions, S.C. (GCAS), with address at Av. Mariano Escobedo 75, Int. 402 Colonia Anáhuac, Postal Code 11320, in Mexico City and email: proteccion.datos@gcas.com.mx is the legal person responsible for the treatment of your personal data in accordance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, (LFPDPPP) and undertakes to guarantee the privacy of personal information obtained through any means permitted by law, in accordance with the following:

GCAS does not require or will require data considered sensitive by the LFPDPPP; However, GCAS uses your personal identification, contact or employment data for the following purposes:

Means to obtain the information:GCAS may collect information in different ways, including audio, video, written or digital means such as forms, lists or surveys, by digital or computer means, as well as through any means of data collection, the Information that is collected will be used for the following purposes indicated in this privacy notice:

Use of personal data:
1.- Comply with present or future obligations, derived from the legal relationship that we have.

2.- Provide or offer professional services based on a proposal or offer of services and comply with the obligations contracted, as well as to inform you of any event or situation related to the contracted services.

3.- Access control to our facilities (as a security measure);

4.- Promotion of our services and solutions.

5.- Send you information related to our products or services, including news, news and promotions.

6.- Evaluate the quality of our services, through the surveys that we eventually send you.

7.- Register suppliers or service providers, if applicable.

8.- Keep in touch for any of the purposes referred to or related to these.

In general terms, GCAS could use your data for the purposes of its ordinary operation, which includes administrative, statistical, payment, collection and analysis aspects, as well as for planning strategies for its operation.

Sensitive Personal Data: GCAS does not directly request sensitive personal information; However, in the event that this type of information is in your possession as part of the services we offer, it will not be susceptible to the uses authorized in this document and, for no reason, will be transferred to third parties. . Sensitive data are those that may reveal aspects such as racial or ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, union affiliation, political opinions, sexual preference.

Patrimonial or financial data: We will only handle this information with express authorization from you, and it will only be used internally and for the purposes of operation and the services that you have requested. For no reason may GCAS dispose and transfer your financial and / or patrimonial information unilaterally. According to the circumstances and / or requirements, it could be possible that GCAS is obliged to provide authorities or third parties with confidential information; In these cases, GCAS will notify you of the situation.

Data transfer: GCAS may transfer the data contained in its databases to third parties related to administrative, accounting, tax and collection services, also, it may share data of candidates and collaborators and / or employees, with administration services of payroll; recruitment; audit services and other human resource services. Your data is protected in accordance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, since the owner of the information may limit this transfer by stating rejection or opposition, under the terms and requirements established by the same Law. We inform you that reading this section without any response or negative to the contrary is assumed that you expressly authorize GCAS to transmit your data as specified.

Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition (ARCO Rights): You, as the owner, have the right to access the personal data that GCAS possesses and the details of its treatment. Likewise, you can rectify them if you consider them incorrect, cancel them when you consider it necessary or if you consider that they are being used for non-consensual purposes or oppose their treatment. In your case, we ask you to contact the GCAS Personal Data Department, where we will provide you with all the support and information necessary for the exercise of your ARCO rights through our portal.

To exercise your ARCO rights, you can directly contact the Department of Personal Data of the “Responsible”, located at the address indicated or by phone 5547374982 with Ms. Ma. De los Ángeles Meza Díaz, or through the following email: protection .data @ gcas.com.mx

Procedures: To protect your personal data we have structured administrative, physical and technical security measures in order to avoid misuse or alteration of your information.

This privacy notice may undergo, at any time, modifications that GCAS deems necessary derived from new legal requirements or other unilateral decisions exercised by GCAS. In any case, the updated version of the privacy notice will be available on our website: https://gcas.com.mx/privacy notice