up of women and men with a high degree of responsibility and ethics, experts in various specialties in the areas of business advice and accounting and tax compliance. We use avant-garde technology to generate the best value solutions and opportunities for our customers.


We are committed to you, and our team has the technical and professional experience necessary to provide valuable solutions to your business and guarantee a service of the highest quality.

We focus on value creation. We know that we can offer high-quality services like large firms without incurring unnecessary costs that do not add value to your company’s service.

We are proud to know what we want as a firm and what our customers want from us. It’s about collaboration; we are here to listen to you, to understand your challenges, and to generate the solutions that allow your business to go forward and maximize its opportunities.

Our passion is to generate human bonds of value and improve the quality of life for all, so we try to do things our best and seek the balance between people’s needs and business objectives.

We are sure that we can bring, from our perspective, the best of our talents; for that, we are committed to the following manifestation of identity.

GCAS Identity

We are an organization with a young attitude, constituted from the vision of women and men committed to giving their best, challenging our knowledge, skills, experience, professionalism, and commitment to offer our clients creative and adequate solutions in the accounting, tax, and business advisory fields.

We are an open and authentic firm inspired by adversity as the most natural and eloquent trait of humanity; that is why we enrich ourselves with the professional and personal talents and skills of all of us who integrate GCAS and those who converge in our community, with absolute respect for their individuality, beliefs, thoughts, and values, establishing relationships that create value for the firm and our clients.

GCAS is the sum of various professional talents experts in multiple specialties, with individual visions and wills aimed at a common goal: to generate value solutions and better opportunities for our clients’ businesses.

Our business is based on the cooperation and synergy of human talent with the vision of taking on the best of cutting-edge technology to help our customers create the best solutions for their businesses.

We know that business is processes of value creation that go far beyond the economic field and numerical results, so we are convinced that your business, more than a number, is an experience that generates value and for GCAS to share that experience, it is our passion and reason to be.


GCAS team

General Compliance & Accounting Solutions. S.C (GCAS)


To be a firm distinguished by the attitude of service of its members and its professional quality, as well as by the commitment and dedication to provide high-value solutions.






To be a firm in which each of the members who make up it offer the best of their talent, professionalism, and experience in the accounting, tax, and business advisory fields; constituting the highest quality services that provide conducive and adequate conditions to make our customers more and more successful and their businesses more prosperous. We know that the field of business it’s getting more global and complex every day, so it demands highly qualified and committed specialists, and above all, with attitude and vocation of service.




Harmony: Interact harmoniously with tach of our members’ differences, challenging their capabilities and favoring our services’ efficiency and quality.



Attitude of service and cooperation: We share our experience, ability, human
and professional talent to analyze, offer value solutions for your business, and solve your needs, with solutions enriched by different visions and perspectives, providing the simplest and highest value solutions for your decision making.



Development and well-being: We base our standard of living on tour talents development and growth rather than comfort.



Work and Creativity: We seek efficiency and commitment through intelligent actions; we promote individual talent and creativity in full harmony with the objectives and culture of the firm, respecting the applicable rules.



Honesty and Trust: It is our conviction to raise our risks and opportunities with clear, direct, and straightforward language to make their decisions better: “We want to be a factor of tranquility and growth for our customers.”



Flexibility: We seek the solutions that best suit our customers’ interests, with their perspective, and then we adapt our resources to provide the most efficient solution.



Quality: We seek continuous improvement in our processes and maintain supervisory standards that allow us to offer the quality that our customers deserve.



Ethics and social commitment: We base our philosophy on strengthening business relationships, attached to moral principles and actions.



In conclusion, we are interested in generating well-being and development for our staff and the community.