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Accounting Services:


Keeping your finances up to date and accurate and timely financial reports helps
you make better decisions in your business, as well as complying with sending a your e-accounting and paying your taxes on time.






1.- Capture of accounting information

2.- Chart of accounts: preparation and implementation aligned with the operating model.

3.-Codification, revision and/or posting of transactions.

4.- Bank reconciliations.

5.- Integration of collective accounts.

6.- Issuance of financial statements and special reports.

7.- Debugging of accounts and accounting regularizations.

8.- Training.

9.- Fulfillment of obligations in the field of Electronic Accounting.

1.- Accounting training.

2.- Implementation of Financial Reporting Standards (NIFS).

3.- Analysis of financial statements.

4.- Financial planning.

5.- Determination of cost of sales and unit costs.

6.- Elaboration of budgets according to management's plans.

1.- Supervision of accounts: Variations in prior periods.

2.- Accounts supervision: Actual vs. budget variations.

3.- Supervision of the proper recording of operations.

4.- Review of authorization of operations under the policies.

5.- Development of policies of materiality of operations.

6.- Development of review processes.

7.- Review (selective and conceptual) of the materiality of the operations.

8.- Evaluation of financial, tax and treasury management.

9.- Investigation of deviations.

Auditing and assurance


Get to know your business more thoroughly and stay calm that things are on track with our services. Want to invest in another business? Let us help you have the information you need for your decision making.






1.- Audit of financial statements.

2.- Diagnosis of accounting compliance.

3.- Expert opinions issued as accounting experts.

4.- Revisions on previously agreed agreements.

5.- Management of delivery - reception of information.

Tax compliance

Whether it’s a natural or a moral person, taxes are always complicated, and as your business grows, it becomes more difficult. Our specialists help you keep your tax compliance in order, so you’ll do what you love most: Grow your business.







1.- Determination of provisional income tax payments.

2.- Monthly VAT payments

3.- Monthly informative declarations of operations with third parties (DIOT).

4.- Annual Income Tax Return

5.- Annual informative declarations.

6.- Offsets and refunds of credit balances.

7.- Electronic accounting.

8.- Training.

1.- Consulting on specific tax matters

2.- Permanent and recurrent advice

3.- Requests for confirmation of criteria from the authorities.

4.- Attention to requirements.

5.- Decrease of provisional payments.

6.- Repatriation of capital.

7.- Business acquisitions and restructurings.

8.- Calculation of CUFIN and CUCA.

9.- Capital reductions.

10.- Sale of shares: Tax cost and tax opinion.

11.- Tax procedures, for example: refunds, compensations, reduction of provisional payments.

12.- Maquiladoras

13.- Permanent Establishments

14.- Specialized diagnoses on tax discrepancy.

1.- Transfer Pricing: advice and issuance of studies.

2.- Advice on the application of international tax treaties.

3.- Attention to requirements.

4.- Preparation of the defense file

5.- Support in audits.

6.- Annexes to the Tax Report and Informative Declarations of Transfer Pricing.

1.- Opinion on disposal of shares.

2.- Tax compliance report (ISR, VAT).

3.- Opinion on social security compliance (IMSS).

4.- Opinion on local taxes.

5.- Support in attention of fiscal audits.

6.- Annexes tax report or Declaration of Tax Status (DISIF).



Payroll Services:


Calculate your payroll the right way, pay on time and without complications. We help you comply with regulations. We use the best tools on the market to facilitate the process. Do you need to check in with local authorities? We’ll help you.





1.- Integration of salaries for IMSS and INFONAVIT purposes.

2.- Calculation of benefits: vacations, bonuses, Christmas bonuses, PTU, etc.

3.- Calculation of payroll contributions: ISR, IMSS, INFONAVIT, etc.

4.- Reports related to remunerations and withholdings to the personnel.

5.- Payroll accounting records.

6.- Payroll related declarations: ISR, SAR, IMSS, INFONAVIT, local taxes.

7.- Notifications before Mexican Social Security Authority: Registration, deregistration, salary modification.

1.- Processing of special payrolls.

2.- Control of taxes and declarations of wage-assimilated employees.

3.- Accounting registration of payrolls of assimilated employees.

1.- Permanent tax advice on tax matters related to payroll.


Legal services


We advise you from your company’s constitution, your business’s tax defense, or as a legal representative. Our specialists can always provide a solution.






1.- Tax litigation and defense of taxpayers against acts of authority and tax credits.

2.- Appeals for revocation

3.- Nullity proceedings, direct and indirect amparos.

4.- Administrative procedures in customs matters (PAMA).

5.- Expert opinion letters in legal matters.

6.- Legal and physical diagnosis of planning strategies.

7.- Attention to domiciliary visits: fulfillment of requirements, advice and follow up.

8.- Attention to administrative enforcement procedures.

1.-Incorporation of companies

2.- Advice for the implementation of contracts.

3.- Minutes and corporate books

4.- Corporate advisory services.

1.- Notifications before the Ministry of Economy.

Cloud Business (innovación)


Automation is a critical factor for businesses today; applications that can connect in an ecosystem are needed. We help you choose the best Accounting Apps that fit your business and make it more efficient.




1.- Implementation of Xero

2.- Implementation of Quick Books

3.- Consulting and training

1.- Sales (CRM), payroll, invoicing, asset control, consolidation, etc.

2.- Evaluation of applications, e.g.: stripe, hubdoc, vend, zoho, Fathom, spotlight, etc.

1.- Diagnosis of information security systems.

2.- Inventories of tax and accounting compliance information.

3.- Security testing of information safekeeping.