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We work to streamline your resources; we focus on what you need while you take advantage of your business opportunities.

In terms of compliance, our goal is to avoid surprises, so we will require a broad level of communication with you.

First of all, we will ensure that your business structure is adequate, therefore we collaborate with you to stablish your business plan; we also can follow up on the fiscal impact you will have – during and at the end of the year – so that you will know and anticipate with the maximum opportunity the tax obligations to which it would be subject as taxpayer.


Accounting Compliance Solutions

  • Accounting compliance solutions for local purposes.
  • Preparing or reviewing of the chart of accounts aligned with the business plan and the corporate requirements.
  • Codification, revision and/or posting of accounting transactions.
  • Bank reconciliations.
  • Integration and reconciliation of collective accounts.
  • Preparing and issuance of financial statements and special reports.
  • Cleaning up accounting problems, accounting updating and regularizations.
  • Compliance with obligations in Electronic Accounting.
  • Staff training.

Solutions for New Business

  • Advice you to choose the most suitable business structure and / or type of entity to carry out your investment in Mexico.
  • Advice regarding the legal and tax implications of the business model that you want to implement in Mexico.
  • Advice regarding the Constitution of a new society.
  • Procedures for opening establishments.
  • Registration with the fiscal, labor and / or health authorities where appropriate.
  • Records necessary for the payment of local taxes and contributions IMSS and INFONAVIT.
  • Legal representation.
  • Supporting for the opening of bank accounts.
  • Registration before the register of importers.
  • Trademark Registration.
  • Filing of reports before to the Ministry of Economy for foreign investment.

Tax Compliance Solutions

  • Tax calculations: Determination of the monthly advance payments, installments, and annual tax returns (IT and VAT).
  • Monthly informative tax returns of operations with third parties (DIOT).
  • Annual informative tax return.
  • Assistance with to attend procedures before tax authorities, in case of reviewing or requirements.
  • Recovery of favorable tax balances compensations and / or requesting of refunds.
  • Calculation and supporting of the after-tax earnings account (CUFIN) and the equity contribution account (CUCA) as well as returning investment scenarios as capital reductions or dividends payments.
  • Supporting in transfers or sells of shares, including the determination and tax report of the tax costs of shares.
  • Foreign investment notices.
  • Electronic accounting.
  • Other procedures and favorable rulings requests from the tax authorities.

Specialized Tax Services

  • Permanent and recurrent advice.
  • Consultancy on specialized tax matters.
  • Requests for confirmation of criteria before the tax authorities “tax rulings”.
  • Consultancy on international operations and application of international tax treaties.
  • Tax Compliance Reviews and Tax Diagnosis.
  • Specialized tax reviews for the acquisition of companies (Due diligences).
  • Evaluation of fiscal risks for the acquisition of businesses.
  • Mergers and restructurings advice.
  • Consultancy in transfer prices and issuance of studies.
  • Foreign trades.
  • In-bond processing (maquila) companies.
  • Advice on the treatment of permanent establishments (PE).
  • Strategies to streamline the tax burden, with strict adherence to the legislation.

Audit of Financial Statements and Specialized Accounting Services

  • Audit of financial statements.
  • Special reports and reviews.
  • Inventory and cost reviewing and control implementation.
  • Translation of financial statements.
  • Determination of deferred taxes under the financial reporting standards issued by the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants (IMCP) and applicable accounting standards.
  • Determination of deferred tax under USGAAP standard ASC 740 (FAS 109) and respective interpretations (NIF 48) etc.
  • Accounting Consultancy.
  • Accounting Expert opinions for Legal and Fiscal Matters (Litigation expertise).

Legal Services

  • Legal services in tax litigation and taxpayer defense against tax credits:
  • Revocation appeals, nullity suits, direct and indirect relief.
  • Administrative procedures in customs matters (PAMA).
  • Issuance of opinions of experts in legal matters.
  • Diagnoses on legal and fiscal effects by implementation of fiscal strategies.
  • Support in tax authority’s home visits: release of requirements, advice for care and presentation of briefs.
  • Attention to administrative procedures of execution.

Process Management and Management Solutions

  • Treasury.
  • Accounts Receivable.
  • Billing.
  • Supporting for representation and management of businesses.
  • Payrolls.

Payroll Services

  • Legacy data transfer of the employee’s data base to our payroll process system.
  • Monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payroll calculation and preparation of the dispersion report for interbank payment purposes.
  • Calculation of severance and settlements payments, when applicable.
  • Filing of the employees’ notifications to inform to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) the starting and finishing wages and the wage modifications, based on information and documents provided by the company.
  • Calculation of the risk premium corresponding to the company’s business activity.
  • Calculation of integrated daily wages (SDI).
  • Calculation of the social security contributions dues using the official system for the Payment of Social Security Dues (SUA).
  • Calculation of income tax on wages and salaries (Monthly, bi-weekly or weekly).
  • Computation of the annual tax adjustment for workers when require it.
  • Preparation and filing of the informative annual income tax return at February of the following year.
  • Calculation of local payroll tax in accordance with the local regulations.
  • Preparation of the payroll voucher for entry in the books in accordance with the accounting distribution provided by you.
  • In general complying with the payroll tax and social security obligations.

Our working platform is based on software endorsed by the Mexican Social Security Institutions IMSS and INFONAVIT

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